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Amazing Tips for Homemade Sex Toys for Long Distance Couples

Isaac Riney
2020-10-19 0 Comment

If it has to do with masturbation, some guys never get tired. If they love the way, their hands feel because they practice a strong rhythm and stretching exercises. But for some men, in particular, after a while it can be a bit boring. This case also happened for men who have a long-distance relationship. Since regular use and routine ejaculations are beneficial for reproductive health, men need to determine the methods for enjoying masturbation. The following fun handcrafts guide is designed to teach men how to give their hand a break by making their sex toys and the items they find around the house. You can click here to start making your DIY homemade sex toys.

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Paper Towel Tube

The cardboard itself is too hard for manhood, so men should use their favorite condoms that use this technique. Put some lubricant on the condom and start to masturbate. Therefore, it gives the tightness feeling without hurting the penis.

Cup and Sponge

A man can also start looking in his kitchen for a long cup that fits their erection size. Then, you can use the sponge and circled up the inside of the cup. However, give a hole in the center for the place in putting the penis. Therefore, it could be formed as fleshlight products.

Bubble Wrap Bottle

Men can cut the top of a plastic soda bottle; then, they can take two large sponges, put them next to each other in a solid bubble wrap, and then wrap them. The bubble wrap must be added to allow them to expand beyond the edge of this glass. Place the wrapped sponges on the glass; they should then cover almost all the inside walls of the glass, leaving a hole in the center of the glass large enough to push virility inside. Wrap the extra bubble around the top edge of the glass and then attach it to the surface. Lubricate the inside and enjoy the feeling of these bubbles on your penis.

Old-fashioned Sock

Most guys have noticed the American Pie movie. They used an aluminum foil and have considered using a sock for masturbation. The trick here would be to put a surgical glove with lubricant in the hose because the sock's fabric could wear out your manhood. It also gives the sensation of the tightness of the vagina. Therefore, this homemade toy is the cheapest and easiest way to find.

Futon Cushion Bag

Many people should be careful with one of these because a thick sofa cushion could wear out their manhood too much. Suppose a person's furniture is deemed suitable. In that case, a person can fill a plastic bag with lubricant, place it between the sofa cushions, and enjoy the fake vaginas. It gives the feeling like a real vagina for many men.…


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