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How to Avoid Disappointments in a Casual Sex Relationship

Andrew Lewis
2019-11-20 0 Comment

Sex has a very special meaning to most people. It is a great way of expressing love to your partner if you are in a relationship. There is some top-level affection that usually comes up during such a period. Some people also have sex for pleasure only. It's not a must for them to be in a relationship to enjoy sex. Such people will mostly engage in casual sex to derive pleasure.

This is a type of sexual activity involving two people who have no relationship between them. They are people who randomly meet for the first time and decide to have sex. I must state that casual sex is not for the weak. You may end up getting hurt when you have lots of expectations from it. There are several rules you should follow to avoid disappointments from this kind of sexual engagement. Here are casual sex rules you need to follow.

Don’t Get Emotionally Attached

casual sex
This is one thing that has led to disappointments among many. Getting too personal or emotionally attached to your partner in casual sex encounters can result in such disappointments. You should keep in mind that it is a random thing, and less is expected after that. The best thing you can do to avoid such a disappointment is to discuss things that will not lead to such an attachment. Conversations should be on different things you both like to avoid an intimate connection.

Declare Your Expectations

You need to come clear on what it is you expect from such an encounter. This way, you will both enjoy your time without expecting much from the other person. It is something you should do during your first conversation by explaining to each other how you would like to benefit from such.

Stay Safe

Casual encounters have been linked to a lot of infections. You should prioritize your sexual health by getting tested and ensuring your partner uses protection. This reduces the chances of getting infections and unwanted pregnancies from such an encounter.

Don’t Be Shy

casual sex
If you are into casual sex, then you shouldn't be shy. Your partner may bring up more sex-related topics during your conversation to gauge your likes. Acting shy might be a turn off during such an instance. Feel free to talk more about sex and what you prefer. You will have a smooth casual sex relationship as a result.…


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